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Alison Prince

Alison J. Prince is a woman on a mission. She is a business-savvy genius who can create something amazing out of nothing. On an airplane, you’d never see Alison reading the latest gossip magazine; this science teacher turned business extraordinaire will be lost in a Forbes magazine. Alison is also the founder of PickYourPlum and is known for her business building abilities as she runs 8 businesses.  Not only that, she has built a course to teach others how to build and run a successful E-commerce business themselves.
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Missy knows that life is too short to stand idly by. This compassionate mom of five strives to capture life’s sweet moments through photography and wholesome family activities. Missy spearheaded a blogging cookbook that raised $20,000 for the American Red Cross. With her passion for philanthropy and her talent for fundraising, Missy is making a difference.

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Shelley Coates

Shelley is a spunky social butterfly, brilliantly walking the tightrope of raising twin divas and a budding superhero, making gourmet meals, and being a hopeless romantic. She is the ultimate party guru and gives 110% to everything she does. A forever girly-girl, Shelley loves high heels and earrings and ardently believes that if you don’t have time to put on makeup, these two things will distract from the face.

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Managing Editor/ Contributor - Recipes


Bobbi is a portrait photographer, home cook, avid Project Lifer, Netflix watcher, and homemaker extraodinaire! She lives in a little place called Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, and loves being a Canuck! She married her very best friend and is  mother to four beautiful girls who keep her on her toes constantly. She works behind the scenes as a manager on HowDoesShe as well as sharing some of her favorite family recipes with the HowDoesShe readers. She loves writing for, working for, and helping here at HowDoesShe! You can visit her on her blog:

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Affiliate Manager


Andrea, affiliate manager, is mom to 5 blonde haired, blue-eyed kiddos and a bunch of cattle. City girl turned wife to a cattle rancher, she’s slowly trying to prove herself as a pioneer woman. She enjoys reading, Dolly Parton, traveling (rather, dreaming of traveling), and legitimately wishes she were in the cast of the TV show “Friday Night Lights.”

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Email Manager/Contributor - Family/Parenting


Nicolette is an English and Journalism teacher turned freelance writer and full-time mom of four.  Life is loud, crazy, and profoundly sweet.  She’s always observing people and life through a writer’s lens; many of her articles are born from curiosity and people-watching.  Her brain is always abuzz with thoughts, ideas, and the novel she’s been writing in her head for years.  Nicolette is a writer, content contributor, and the email manager for HowDoesShe.

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Facebook Manager


Melanie, our Facebook Manager, is on the front lines making sure all of our content gets seen.  She is the mother of 4 crazy, goofy kids who make the everyday chaos worth it.  She loves being in the kitchen trying out new recipes and decorating cakes.  She also loves scrap booking, playing ball, drinking a nice cold Diet Pepsi, and being silly with her family.

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Contributor - Literature


Kristin loves reading and writing and she shares her favorite literary finds with our How Does She readers. She also has three boys in elementary school, so in addition to literary round-ups, you’ll find articles on what activities she’s discovered are “hits” with her kids. When she’s not reading middle grade chapter books or driving her kids to sports practices, you can find Kristin on Picture Book Summit or Deep Magic’s new e-zine.

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Past Contributor

Alysha Cauffman

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Past Contributor - Recipes

Allison Ruth

Past Contributor

Amy G.

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Past Contributor - Recipes

Ana Helena Campbell

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Past Contributor


Angela is the life of the party! She loves to get to know people and laugh!  She actually met her husband in a grocery story just being friendly and he said “um do you want my number? “ She loves to travel and try new things. She has been a cosmetologist for 10 years and loves what she does. Her greatest joy is her 2 sweet girls! She loves being a mom and takes every chance to play learn and enjoy life with them! Her perfect day would be out in the sunshine dancing to music with a cold coke, extra ice!

Contributor - Home Improvement

Angela Rose

Angela is an avid DIYer and project junkie. She loves tools, the lumber aisle, and interior design. She’s been building furniture and improving her homes for 10 years. She is also a mom of 3 and graduated with a degree in communications and business. To see more of Angela’s home projects, find her on instagram at @angelarosehome

Past Contributor


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Past Contributor


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Past Contributor - Recipes


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Past Contributor - Recipes


Charisse is a mom of two boys and a wife of a super hero, or at least that’s what her husband tells her anyway.  She gave up her television reporter microphone for an apron after several years in the business.  She is the mom behind Easy Toddler Meals, a blog for family and kids meals. The home cook is well known for her ability to make food move on its own. How’s that for talent? She loves sharing her simple easy meals with How Does She Readers!

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Past Contributor - Family/Kids


Cristi is a Licensed Professional Counselor and recovering perfectionist with a fierce love for her three spunky boys and her entrepreneur husband. She can often be found traveling with her camera and her boys in tow. She has a slight addiction to mint Oreos and a strong aversion to housework that she usually avoids by blogging, traveling, taking photos, exercising, art journaling, and playing outside with her kiddos. Determined to never let go of her playful heart, she specializes in working with young people through play, sand tray, and expressive art therapy… basically another excuse to play and get messy! Through her experiences as a mother and counselor, she writes candidly on a cocktail of subjects including parenting, mindfulness, relationships, women’s issues, beauty tips, DIYs, – basically anything that’s on her mind at the moment.

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Past Contributor: Provident Living

Emily W.

Emily Warner is mom to five super adorable and destructive boys. She is a long-time blogger, Olympic caliber napper, (any Sunday she gets the chance) hobby pottery maker, avid book reader, reluctant mess cleaner-upper, and Provident Living advocate. She likes to re-organize her 72-hour kits and worries excessively that kids these days spend too much time looking at screens. She and her husband Doug live with their boys in beautiful sunny Southern California. You can read more about her adventures with five boys at


Kara, who is the mother to five active and outgoing children, can’t remember what it feels like to be bored. She claims all the power tools in the house as her own and receives new tools every Mother’s Day.  At her core, she loves to create. You can find her tearing down walls in her house and building furniture, designing at the computer, shooting photos of her children, teaching her daughter how to cook and of course always playing referee! You can find more of Kara and her projects on her family blog


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Contributor - Recipes


Katie is so grateful to be working at HowDoesShe! She is the mother of 5 kids, loves going to the theater and eating Mexican food. When she’s not working for How Does She, she’s usually working with her husband helping him run his own video business or chasing their kids around to the usual: cub scouts, piano lessons, play practice, chess club, and keeping the 3 year old from playing in the street (full time job right there!). Someday she hopes to run a non-profit group for those struggling in Africa (a place dear to her heart), visit the blue waters of Tahiti, run a 1/2 marathon, and donate loads of money to those in need. Katie is the secretary at HowDoesShe. She answers emails – helping readers with any needs, keeps the blog posts current with SEO, writes the occasional round up post, and is our twitter gal. She’s so glad to be here with all these lovely ladies!

Past Contributor - Inspiration


Kathryn Thompson is a writer and stay-at-home mom who lives outside Seattle with her computer genius husband and three frequently delightful kids. Her blogs and books have been featured everywhere from The Today Show to the Seattle Times and she was a founding blogger at The Parenting Post, an award-winning blog run by Parenting Magazine. You can find more by Kathryn at and her books are available on Amazon and Familius! Kathryn’s HowDoesShe posts cover all things positivity, personal improvement, and productivity, with a touch of parenting thrown in.

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Past Contributor - DIY/Crafts


Kerri is mom to 2 sweet little girls and wife to a good ol’ country boy. A portrait photographer in a previous life but now works from home doing graphic design so she can stay home with her girls. She completely believes that crafting, running and yoga are the key to keeping her life stress free. She loves boho chic style, the color mustard and planning parties for the people she loves. Kerri shares her crafting prowess with our HowDoesShe readers!

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Past Contributor - Children/Parenting


Sara is just your average girl trying to survive in an all boy world. Between three energetic, athletic, very active sons & a former NFL player as a husband her life is full of spectating, cheering, refereeing, & supplying massive amounts of food. She is an adventure junkie & can never hike, paddle board, swim, surf, or travel enough. She loves living on a little island in the middle of a big ocean-despite her phobias of shark attacks & tsunamis. She is a licensed & trained family counselor but for now she’s enjoying staying home with her men. Sara’s posts focus on parenting & family with the occasional DIY & craft thrown in.

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Past Contributor - Recipes


Sarah’s expertise is in cooking and baking. Just wait till you try some of the fantastic flavors she put together for us! Sarah shares her tried and true recipes cooking tips on HowDoesShe.

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Contributor - Beauty/Fashion


Savanah is a wife to her dreamy husband, and mother to two sweet little girls.  She worked as a cosmetologist for years before transitioning into full time mom life. She has way too many hobbies, and is always looking to add more.  She loves anything hair and beauty related, cooking, baking, rafting, and travel to name a few.  Her perfect day would be having a dance party with her little family, in their jammies, laughing, and eating chips and salsa! Savanah shares beauty and lifestyle posts on HowDoesShe and you can see more of her work on her blog at

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Past Contributor: Travel

Sydney W.

Sydney loves all things music, beauty, and travel. She’s a little bit obsessed with Broadway musicals, and always has her suitcase ready for her next adventure. She lives in Hong Kong with her handsome British husband, and tries to make the best out of any situation. Her favorite mottos are: kill them with kindness, and laughter is the best medicine.

Past Contributor


Vanessa is a Kansas girl, wife to a farmboy-turned-engineer husband, and mother to two sweet blessings. She loves old things, country music, cookie dough ice cream, and French bulldogs—especially her own, Hazel. She thinks being a mom is by far the best job she’s ever had, and not just because it allows her to drink extra caffeine and avoid pants with any kind of buttons. When she’s not doing puzzles, pushing swings, or refereeing small children, she can be found watching Fixer Upper reruns and trying to channel her inner Joanna Gaines. You can read more over at Vanessa’s blog, Sunflower State of Mind.